Sandwiches for Beegu!

We have had an extremely exciting day today!

First of all, we made a shopping list of the things that we needed for our picnic.

We then went to Aldi and chose everything that we needed and then we even had the chance to scan our own items through the tills! HOW EXCITING!!

We came back to school and made our amazing sandwiches – made with our own choice of filling and salad.

This afternoon, we had a picnic with our teddies, however, the noise was a little bit too much for Beegu so she didn’t want to come. Beegu left us a note asking if we would save her some of our sandwiches – so we did!!

IMG_1157 IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1241




























We have all worked so hard this week and we have been amazing in Maths – recognising coins and adding up amounts.

Miss Wallace is extremely proud of you all!

Well done to our certificate winners – SS and LP

Our attendance this week was 98.8% can we make it back to 100% next week?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Wallace xx

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