Happy Half Term!

We have had such a brilliant week in year 1, we have been working extremely hard!

In Maths, we have been learning all about shapes and the shapes that we can see all around us.

We have been learning about suffixes and how adding -ing and -ed to the end of the word changes the meaning!

On Wednesday we went to the outdoor garden to make our Bug Hotels – however, the rain came down really heavy and we had to come back inside… BUT, on Thursday, we used the materials that we had collected to continue making our Bug Hotels. They looked absolutely fantastic!

Our attendance this week was 96.4%

I hope you all have a brilliant half term, I will see you all in a week – ready to learn lots more exciting things in year 1!

Miss Wallace

Fantastic Friday!

Wow, what an amazing week in year 1!

We have been retelling the story of the Bog Baby using time adverbials, conjunctions and amazing sentences!  We have all remembered to use capital letters and full stops in our sentences.

In Maths this week, we have been learning all about number bonds to 20 and subtraction facts within 20! It has been very tricky – but we were amazing as always!

In Science, we learnt all about the parts of a human body and our senses – we learnt ‘The Senses Song’ and had lots of fun exploring outside – we identified things that we could hear, taste, touch, see and smell! Maybe we could identify some of these things at home this weekend and write a list!

Well done to our certificate winners – our Star of the week LF and our Handwriter of the week JH!

We had a special award to give out in assembly today.. This week, the children took part in a year group competition to see who could throw and catch a ball the most amount of times – our winners were VB and JW who scored a massive 266 points. Well done!

Our attendance this week was 99.2%

We have one more week to go until half term – can we make it to 100% again?

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wallace

Maths Magicians!

This week we have all been working extremely hard in Maths. We have learnt all about addition and subtraction – how to add 2 numbers together and how to subtract one number from another.

We have been writing our own number sentences and have been solving word problems with addition and subtraction! WE ARE AMAZING!!

In English this week we have been retelling the story of the Bog Baby and sequencing the main events!

Today in science we created our own animal fact files using scientific vocabulary such as:

carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, bird, reptile, fish, mammal, amphibian!

Our attendance this week was 99.2% well done!!!

Well done to our certificate winners CT and RK

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Wallace

Attendance super stars!

So this week we have been continuing to learn about the Bog Baby. We have been discussing the thoughts and feelings of all the characters from the story. We shared some fantastic vocabulary!

In Maths we have been learning all about length, height and weight!

We could order ourselves from the shortest to the tallest and talk about how we know.

We have also been placing animals into food groups - carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We completed a venn diagram and shared all that we know with our partners.

This week our attendance was 100% AGAIN!! This is absolutely fantastic! Let’s see if we can keep this up for the rest of the half term – maybe we will get a treat!

Well done to our certificate winners AF and RP!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Wallace.

All about the Bog Baby!

Last week we continued to learn all about the Bog Baby and the things that he likes to do!

We wrote our own fact files about the Bog Baby and included lots of facts from the story.




Can you guess what we were learning all about in Maths last week? Ask us if we can remember!

In Art we continued to look at the work of Pablo Picasso and we chose one of his line drawings to draw. We explored the different types of sketching pencils and chose our favourite one to sketch with. I think we have some little artists in the making!!

Our attendance last week was 98.4% – not quite the 100% that we had hoped for the third week in a row.. can we make it to 100% this week?

Well done to our Star of the week MR and our hand writer of the week AW!

Miss Wallace

Such a busy week!

We finally made it to Friday.. what an extremely hard working week we have had in year 1!

We have been writing some amazing sentences about the Bog Baby.. we have tried hard to remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

In Science we have been learning all about different animal groups including birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals! Maybe you could ask us if we remember what they are!

We have continued counting up to 100 in Maths and have been solving tricky problems with numbers up to 100! We have all been amazing!

This week our attendance was 100% AGAIN! Absolutely amazing, can we keep this up for a third week?

Well done to our certificate winners FA and AD!

**We have sent home school photographs, so please remember to bring them back to school**

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Wallace x

Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone!

What an amazing first week we have had in year 1!

All of the children worked extremely hard and settled in fantastically.

To start our week we went on a little adventure to the outdoor garden where we found a mysterious creature… the Bog Baby!

We made a prediction about what the creature might be and we found out that we are going to be learning all about the Bog Baby this half term.

In Maths this week we have been counting forwards and backwards all the way up to 100! Why don’t you ask us to count at home and see how far we can get?

This week we had 100% attendance.. what a fantastic start to our time in year 1! Lets see if we can keep this up again next week!

Miss Wallace x

Our Week

A big well done to all of reception for a brilliant transition week. A special mention to our Star of the Week EV for settling into Wood Fold so quickly.

Our attendance this week is 97.5% so a good effort by all! However, lets see if we can get 100% next week.

Miss Hilliard :o )

We have had such an exciting week!

On Monday morning, we all got to decorate a cupcake with various toppings and then we wrote about how we did it.

On Tuesday we had a special delivery – it was an egg inside a bowl of special red water, alongside this was a note asking us to look after it until it’s Mummy could return – we had no idea what was inside.  We all had a guess as to what would be inside the egg and waited with baited breath for it to hatch!


Wednesday morning – oh no!  The egg had hatched but nothing was inside the bowl!  What could this mean?  Is it an invisible animal?  Is it hiding from us??  We spent all morning pondering this.  Then a letter arrived – it was from the creature that had hatched, asking for our help.  It had hatched through the night, got scared and escaped.  We decided to search our school grounds for anything suspicious.  No luck!  Then we ventured into our Forest School, lo and behold, hidden amongst the trees was … a frozen unicorn!   We helped it back to school, placed it gently back inside it’s special red water and anticipated Mummy’s return.


Thursday morning … our unicorn has gone, safely back with it’s family – a job well done Reception!!

We loved our sports day – we are all extremely proud of ourselves and all that we achieved.   the Reception Team agree that we were exceptional and are super proud of each and every one of us!!


Friday we have written about our exciting week and sad goodbye to a very special friend …Miss Warren!  We can’t wait for her to visit us with her little baby very soon, but now she needs to rest and enjoy the lovely sunshine!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hilliard & Mrs Farrington :-)

Royal Wedding


The sun was shining bright today as we attended Harry and Meghan’s Wedding. Firstly, we got changed into our wedding clothes.

IMG_7412 IMG_7413 IMG_7414 IMG_7415 IMG_7416 IMG_7417 IMG_7418 IMG_7419 IMG_7420 IMG_7421 IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7424 IMG_7425 IMG_7426 IMG_7427 IMG_7428 IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7432 IMG_7433 IMG_7434

Our teachers thought we looked stunning! Then some of us pretended to be wedding guest as others acted out the service so we could watch Harry and Meghan get married. We thought it was funny when the priest said “you may now kiss the bride!” We were glad that we didn’t have to act that bit out!

Next it was time for the special wedding meal! We enjoyed eating food and writing messages to the newly married couple!

IMG_7435 IMG_7436 IMG_7437 IMG_7438 IMG_7439 IMG_7440 IMG_7441 IMG_7442 IMG_7443 IMG_7444 IMG_7446 IMG_7447 IMG_7448

After that it was time for dancing! Our teachers were blown away with our moves!

IMG_7454 IMG_7455 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7460 IMG_7461 IMG_7462 IMG_7463 IMG_7464 IMG_7465 IMG_7466 IMG_7467 IMG_7468 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7471 IMG_7472 IMG_7473 IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7481 IMG_7482 IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7485 IMG_7486 IMG_7487 IMG_7488

IMG_7489 IMG_7491

Lastly, it was time for the wedding photograph. I’m sure that you’ll agree we all  looked stunning!